I always want to be the one to bring "that awesome gift" to the party.

I have always been an exceptional gift giver. It's a gift I've been given. It brings such euphoria when a gift is perfect; when it is everything the receiver never knew they wanted. That is always my quest; to find the gift that the receiver never expected.

The heart of my shop is passion. Passion for books, movies, quirkiness, and the unique. Most of it comes from what I love. They are all items that would be the perfect gift to me. No joke.

It all started long ago, as my inner fan girl developed and grew up with the likes of Jedi Knights, wizards and hobbits. In college, quirky TV shows became a staple, balanced out by the sophisticated air of Jane Austen. I could go on.

My pent-up inner fan girl needed an outlet and that outlet came when I quit my job to stay home with my first son Andersen. As I sat at home watching Baby Einstein for the umpteenth time I thought that there has to be something more than classical music and bright colored puppets. I can do more than let my IQ drop dangerously low.

Naturally Pinterest would be a key player in the creation of anything so I scoured my boards until I saw an idea that I had pinned forever ago. It was a tutorial for printing on fabric with just a standard ink-jet printer. I thought, "I have fabric and I have a printer, I can do this today!". I dabbled in graphic design at my first job out of college so I played around until I was satisfied and did my first run.

Four years later, I have tweaked, re-designed and improved my product line. Most of our designs today are screen printed onto high quality cotton canvas pillow covers. Some (most of our custom designs) are a durable, washable heat transfer vinyl.

I still love what I do and I have been blown away by the level of attention the fandoms, book lovers and uniqueness seekers have given my small shop! So thank you!

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